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    McGuire AFB, NJ - Post Exchange

    The Base Exchange at McGuire Air Force Base is located at 3452 Broidy Road. The Base Exchange is open Monday through Saturday from 0900-2000 and Sunday from 1000-1800. The Base Exchange at McGuire Air Force Base offers a variety of retail stores and fast-food restaurants as well as service facilities such as gas stations and barber shops. For more information about retail store hours or fast-food restaurant services, call the Base Exchange at 609-723-6100.

    McGuire Main Shoppette / Class Six / Godfather's Pizza / Gas Station
    Bldg. 2841

    Main Shoppette / Class Six
    Mon-Sat 0600-2300
    Sun 0600-1000

    Gas Station
    Mon-Sat 0600-2300
    Sun 0600-1000
    * Pump Islands can still be used after closing hours using credit cards only

    Godfather's Pizza
    609-723-2019 Business
    609-723-2174 Delivery
    Mon-Fri 1030-2100
    Sat 1100-2100
    Sun 1100-1900